Aim & Scope

Translational Medicine and Exercise Prescription (TMEP) is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed, academic journal, aiming to bridge the gap between mechanistic research and exercise prescription models. The Journal is bringing together the fields of exercise biology, sports medicine and science of physical training and testing.

The journal will consider manuscripts from a wide range of translational research performed in humans, which includes aspects of exercise prescription based on mechanistic approaches and provides clinical applications of exercise evaluation and therapy in health and chronic conditions. Original work submitted to the Journal should adhere to the FITT criteria (i.e. frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise) and should include clearly defined doses of physical exercise or activity, with the aim of optimizing the biological responses. Special consideration is given to novel types of exercise prescription, including technology-based intervention approaches. Moreover, TMEP encourages submissions of “negative findings” and (or) possible reports of harmful adverse events (e.g. if trials are terminated prematurely) as long as the quality of the study can be assured (i.e. indicated by relevance/novelty of the question, rigorous methodology, transparency and reproducibility). The specific themes are related to research focusing on the therapy and prevention of chronic diseases (i.e. obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological and psychiatric diseases, pulmonary diseases, musculoskeletal diseases and endocrine disorders) or health and fitness maintenance.