Aims & Scope


Composite materials are nature’s favorite materials and among the most amazing materials that provide infinite possibilities for materials development and accordingly challenge researchers to develop them for both general and targeted applications. Composite materials symbolize the unification of two or more materials with complementary properties leading to a superior material with enhanced functionality. These were used from pre-historic times, used extensively currently, and will continue their strong presence in the future. To tap into the amazing capabilities of composites, the journal Progress in Composite Materials, is launched with an aim to provide an important platform for researchers to share their findings and the latest trends in the science and technology of composite materials. As the use of polymers, metals, and ceramics is largely complementary to each other, this journal will cover, accordingly, the research on polymers, metals, and ceramics-based composites.


The scope of Progress in Composite Materials is defined below but not restricted to it and new areas will be covered when they appear.

  1. 1. Synthesizing Techniques of Composites
  2. 2. 3D printing of Composites
  3. 3. Secondary Processing of Composites
  4. 4. Severe Plastic Deformation of composites
  5. 5. Characterization of Composites
  6. 6. Thermal Properties of Composites
  7. 7. Mechanical Properties of Composites
  8. 8. Tribological Properties of Composites
  9. 9. Modelling Aspects
  10. 10. Joining of Composites
  11. 11. Corrosion Response of Composites and Prevention Methods
  12. 12. Machining of Composites
  13. 13. Failure analysis of composites
  14. 14. Non-destructive Evaluation of Composites
  15. 15. Engineering Application of Composites
  16. 16. Biomedical Applications of Composites