Aims & Scope

Aims: The International Journal of Network Dynamics and Intelligence (IJNDI) is a gold open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to be a premier platform for disseminating cutting-edge research and innovative findings in the field of network dynamics and intelligence. This journal seeks to bridge theoretical research and practical applications, fostering a multidisciplinary dialogue among scientists, engineers, and practitioners in related fields. It is published quarterly online by Scilight Press.


Network Theory and Applications: Exploration of theoretical foundations of network dynamics, including graph theory, network topology, and complex network analysis.

Artificial Intelligence in Networks: Application of AI techniques like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks in analyzing and optimizing network structures and dynamics.

Communication Networks: Studies on various types of networks such as wireless, mobile, ad-hoc, and sensor networks, focusing on issues like connectivity, bandwidth optimization, and data transmission.

Social Network Analysis: Investigation of social networks using computational tools, focusing on patterns of social interactions, community detection, and network evolution.

Network Security and Privacy: Research on cybersecurity, encryption, data privacy, and threat detection in network environments.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Networked Systems: Studies on the integration and interaction of IoT devices within various network systems, including smart grid, smart cities, and home automation.

Biological and Ecological Networks: Application of network theory to understand biological and ecological systems, including neural networks, genetic networks, and food webs.

Data Analytics and Network Intelligence: Advanced methods in data analytics, big data, and statistical methods for network analysis and decision-making.